Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Morgan For Senate--Borrello Misuses County Resources


Freedom, NY — Another press conference, another mess of political games from George Borrello and Rep. Tom Reed. No mediation. No resolve. Just rhetoric and zero results. Borrello is playing political games, parading as County Executive to help his low-energy State Senate campaign—another desperate and inappropriate attempt to gain traction.
"Borrello not only misused Chautauqua County resources today for this political stunt—he and Reed proved that this is a partisan attempt to harass the Governor," Austin Morgan said. "If they actually cared about the Seneca Nation or our roads, they would be in Salamanca every day decrying the years of neglect there. I care about our people, I want the roads fixed, and the way to do it is bringing everyone to the table, not this politically-motivated nonsense."
George Borrello has shined the light on his own ineffectiveness, and that of the congressman. Borrello has represented this area for the last two years as County Executive and hasn't said a word until now. No results, no help for commuters or WNY families, just empty, angry words.
"As your next State Senator I will put people over politics. I will meet with the Senate Transportation Chair, Senator Tim Kennedy, the Seneca Nation of Indians, and the Governor, in order to find solutions and get the roads fixed," Morgan said. "I will work with all parties to provide resolution and justice for our residents. In the State Senate Majority, I will have the plans, power, and patience to create solutions—to put out the fire rather than fanning the flames. George Borrello will get us nothing but soundbites in the minority—he will be laughed out of the room in Albany."
The roads are in deplorable condition and they must be fixed, but political grandstanding by Borrello and Reed are making the situation worse. It is past time that all parties put people over politics and work together to fix the damn roads.