Saturday, April 25, 2020

As many as 100 hospitals could close in 2020 UPDATED

4/27/2020-Jones Memorial Hospital has issued a statement regarding this post...
According to James Helms, CFO at Jones Memorial Hospital:
While we certainly appreciate bringing attention to the financial struggles of small rural hospitals like us, the data that was provided by CMS to USA Today was incorrect.
We are working with CMS to correct the data – so thanks for bringing that to our attention. The actual amount of loss in 2017 was $2,489,589 – quite a bit less than the $37.6 million cited in the USA Today article.
(Original post):
Jones Memorial Hospital lost $37.6 million in 2017

A USA TODAY Network analysis of financial reports submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that almost half of the counties with coronavirus cases are served by a hospital that reported a net loss in 2017. 
Last year, 19 rural hospitals were forced to close and it's likely that in 2020 even more will close.

To read more on this analysis, go to the USA TODAY story.