Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Steuben County convicted murderer wins minor appellate victory

Iryn Meyers
Appellate Court upholds prison sentence, modifies sentence on restitution payment

A Steuben County woman who was convicted along with her husband in connection with an arson fire that killed a Wayland man in 2016 has won a partial Appellate court victory. Forty-one-year-old Iryn Meyers, formerly of Wayland, is serving a 23-year to life prison sentence at Bedford Hills Correctional. She and her husband torched the home of David O’Dell of Wayland in an attempt to collect insurance. O'Dell died in the fire. An attorney for Meyers filed an appeal claiming numerous instances of attorney error and ineffective counsel during hearings and at trial. On that topic, the court said in a six-page decision that it “rejected that contention.” While some errors were made by the defense, the court said “we conclude that the error was not sufficiently egregious and prejudicial as to compromise defendant’s right to a fair trial.” A Steuben County Judge, at sentencing, ordered Meyers to make restitution, however, the Appellate court found some errors and ruled “We therefore modify the judgment by vacating that part of the sentence ordering restitution, and we remit the matter to County Court for a hearing to determine restitution in compliance with Penal Law.” Finally, the court concluded, contrary to defendant’s contention in her main brief, the sentence imposing concurrent terms of incarceration is not unduly harsh or severe.
The husband, who was also convicted of murder and arson, is serving a 23 year to life prison at the Elmira Correctional facility. The entire decision can be read HERE.