Thursday, April 30, 2020

Village of Alfred daily update moving to weekly email newsletter

The Village of Alfred is launching a weekly email newsletter for the duration of the COVID-19. Information relevant to our community, community resources, events and information from the county and state will be published here. The newsletter will arrive in inboxes on Monday afternoons. This newsletter will replace the daily updates currently published on the website, and on our social media. The situation is evolving less rapidly. The need for information is still clear, but we also don’t want to burden our neighbors with information fatigue. The public can access the newsletter on our Facebook page, and will be able to read the latest edition of the newsletter on our website. The public will also be able to subscribe directly on our website. Once we are able to return to some of business as usual, the weekly newsletter will become monthly- and then we hope quarterly. The weekly newsletter is by no means a meant to compete with the valuable institution that is the Alfred Sun. The newspaper is a vital piece of our community and we are grateful for it. This is merely a supplement, and particular to keeping our community informed about resources available to them during this health and economic crisis. To sign up, please email We've already received a number of subscribers, and we hope to reach out to more of you in the days to come!