Monday, April 27, 2020

Allegany County authorizes furlough of some county workers, if needed

The Allegany County Legislature Monday afternoon approved a measure that would allow the county Administrator to carry out furloughs of county employees. The resolution was made my Philip Stockin (R-Houghton) and seconded by Dwight Fanton (R-Willing). Furloughs would take effect May 1st and would not extend beyond July 31st. There was no discussion on the measure and it was approved by a unanimous vote.
County Administrator Carissa Knapp said there is currently no list of potential employees to be furloughed. "It's a fallback plan in case it is needed," Knapp said. She said if the move is implemented, it would reduce the county payroll and workers would be eligible for unemployment assistance and other pandemic aid.
There was no indication of how many employees would be impacted.