Thursday, April 30, 2020

ICYMI: Howe Library in Wellsville presents special audio drama TONIGHT

4/30:  Dragnet: The Big Small (YouTube/Podcast audio production)
Thursday, April 30th at 7p.m. 
Just because programming within the Nancy Howe Auditorium is temporarily on hold doesn’t mean you can’t be entertained!
The David A. Howe Public Library will be presenting a special audio drama based on the classic 1950s radio program Dragnet. 
Premiering Thursday, April 30th, at 7pm on the library’s YouTube page and podcast feed (, The Valley Theatre will be performing the Dragnet episode The Big Small, written by John Robinson and originally aired on January 11, 1953. The cast includes Michael Blankenship as Sgt. Joe Friday and David A. Howe Public Library’s own Eric Mikols as Officer Frank Smith. The two are reprising rolls they played in a stage version of Dragnet for a 2010 production directed by Nic Gunning at Houghton College.
This audio episode will be available through the library’s YouTube page as well as in a special episode of the library’s podcast The All the Books Show, available wherever you get your podcasts.
To learn more about the David A. Howe Public Library please visit or our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!
Michael Blankenship as Joe Friday, Ben Layman as Harry Allison, and Eric Mikols as Frank Smith