Friday, February 3, 2017

Note on comments

When this site was rebranded with a new name, I did not intend to allow post comments. Why? Under the previous blog name, early on, I did. While some comments were decent and respectful, the vast majority were anonymous and ugly. Since I'm the one that gets sued, I stopped the comments. When this newly named site opened up, I inadvertently allowed comments. At least this time, the commenter must be identified somehow. Here's the problem...during the past 48 hours, I have received some comments that were either disrespectful, rude, inflammatory or will get me sued. I allow most comments....I even welcome most. However, it's my site and my rules. I understood these past several comments...really...but...
If you're are troubled by my decisions, you are welcome to find another site for news. I welcome the open exchange of thoughts...but some of the comments just received will not be posted. Comments can not threaten, use abusive language or be libelous.  My site. My rules.