Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Alfred State arsonist received a six month jail term

A former Alfred State student has received a six month jail term for setting a series of fires in 2017 at Mackenzie dorm on the State Campus. Each of the fires were set in trash cans, college officials said, adding that paper and plastic were burned in one instance, and clothing was set on fire in the two other incidents. The FBI assisted in the probe. In Allegany County court Tuesday, 21-year-old Mazen Elzibk of Smithtown was sentenced to six month in jail and a probation term of five years longer in custody. The former student pleaded guilty to felony attempted arson. He first faced a series of more serious counts. According to a press release from the Allegany County District Attorney, the former student damaged the Mackanzie North Building in the D-3 Suite. Dr. Gregory Sammons is the Vice President of Student Affairs. He said "the college is pleased with the outcome of the case. In particular it gives us closure to a series of incidents that was pretty disruptive to our community." He also commended the investigative work by University Police.