Sunday, November 25, 2018

NY State Police Blotter

11/24/18 1:12pm- After investigating a domestic dispute in the village of Bolivar, state police arrested John K. Michael, 19, of Allegany. He was charged with criminal contempt for allegedly disobeying a court order.
11/24/18 9:05am- During a traffic stop on I-86 in Cuba, state police arrested Nicholas M. Faulkner, 31, of Cuba. He was charged with criminal contempt-disobeying court order.
11/24/18 12:25pm- State police investigated a personal injury vehicle crash on State Route 417 in the town of Bolivar. Troopers listed the operator as Andrew J. DeGroff, 29, of Wellsville. Police said two people sustained injuries.
11/24/18 10:32pm- State police were called to a domestic dispute in the town of Centerville. Approximately two hours later, troopers arrested Douglas J. Preston, 53, of Houghton. He was charged with felony assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. He was detained.
11/25/18 3:05am- State police were called to investigated a larceny in the town of Grove. As a result, troopers arrested Tyler R. Criswell, 24, of Akron and Mitchell P. Rehwaldt, 27, of Akron. The men were taken into custody at County Road 15 and Spencer Worden Road. Both men were charged with theft of services.