Thursday, November 29, 2018

Allegany County Planning & Development Committee minutes - Nov. 19, 2018


November 19, 2018

Members Present: D. Root, G. Barnes, J. Burdick, P. Curran, W. Dibble, D. Healy, J. Hopkins, J. Ricci, C. Crandall

Others Present: L. Ballengee, T. Boyde, C. Clark, D. Decker, K. Dirlam, D. Fanton, K. Graves, G. Hanchett, B. Harris, S. Havey, C. Jones, C. Knapp, R. Lynch, A. McKay, J. DiPasquale, B. Riehle, T. Ross, T. Shaw, P. Stockin, M. Washer

Media Present: C. Potter – Wellsville Daily Reporter, C. Dutton – Cuba Patriot

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Planning & Economic Development Committee Chair Debra Root.

Approval of Minutes
A motion was made by Legislator Barnes, seconded by Legislator Dibble, and carried to approve the Planning & Economic Development Committee minutes for October 17, 2018.
Allegany County Economic and Industrial Development Agency Executive Director Craig Clark attended the meeting and submitted his monthly report to the committee for review.
Crossroads Development Project
Dr. Clark stated he met again with the developers, and they continue to be excited about the project. Dr. Clark indicated he has not heard back yet on the consolidated fund application in the amount of $2 million, and they are currently waiting on approval from the Department of Environmental Conservation to remove tanks from the site. Legislator Barnes asked if the new goal is for Spring construction. Dr. Clark stated, yes, if they start in the Spring it will be open Fall 2020. Legislator Healy asked if there is any site work that can be done in the winter months. Dr. Clark stated they are going to do as much as they can as weather permits.
Waterline Project
Dr. Clark stated at the last town meeting, concern was brought forward regarding chlorination staying in the line and the possibility of it degrading along the 5-mile extension. Due to this, the engineers are adding another chlorinate intermediary system which will increase the chlorine in the system and not allow for degrading. Dr. Clark stated that unfortunately this addition will put bidding the project on hold for a couple of weeks, and they are now looking to go out to bid the first or second week in December. Legislator Dibble asked for a rough estimate on cost. Dr. Clark stated the system will cost approximately $70,000, adding that it’s cheaper to add it up front versus waiting and adding it later.
Dr. Clark indicated that shares are now available through the ANGEL Fund, and by the end of the year they should have enough funds to cover three counties.
Alle-Catt Windfarm
Dr. Clark stated the Alle-Catt Windfarm project is progressing and they anticipate a 2020 start date. Legislator Barnes stated there will be a visual disruption as these turbines will reach 600 feet in the air.

Downtown Revitalization Initiative
Dr. Clark stated that the Village of Alfred will have a community meeting on Tuesday, November 27, to discuss the $2.5 million they received from the Smart Growth Community Fund.
Site Selectors
Dr. Clark stated that Site Selectors have laid out a good plan for our next steps and are prioritizing their first targets, adding that call centers and packaging are the top companies we need to attract. They stressed that the County needs to establish a comeback to Allegany County campaign which is currently being done through the County Marketing Committee. Legislator Healy asked if they have looked at the additional 80 acres the County owns at the "S Curve." Dr. Clark stated they have looked at it and it is big enough to attract someone; however, they need to work with utilities to ensure there is enough electric power.
Young Professionals Group
Dr. Clark stated the next event being hosted by the Young Professionals Group will be held Saturday, December 8, at the Wellsville Brewery from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Planning Director Kier Dirlam attended the meeting and submitted his monthly report to the committee for review.
Planning Board Meeting
Mr. Dirlam stated the Planning Board meeting has been re-scheduled for Wednesday, November 28.
Historic Kingston Hotel
Mr. Dirlam stated that the historic Kingston Hotel in Canaseraga had a west wall failure that impacted the County street and main road, and residents are working very hard to bring their community back together and are looking into the possibility of a downtown revitalization initiative.
Tourism Website
Mr. Dirlam stated that the transfer of the Tourism website is 80 percent complete and coming along nicely. The project should be complete by the end of the year.
Small Business Spotlights
Mr. Dirlam referenced the recent article worked on by Assistant Director Angela McKay that highlights the Bicycle Man located in Alfred, NY. Mr. Dirlam stated that they will be working towards doing more of these small business spotlights throughout the County, adding that they are always continuing their efforts to have an impact on the County’s small businesses, and the recent hiring of Ms. McKay will allow them to continue these efforts. Committee Chair Root stated these articles on our small businesses are a great idea, and asked if they are available on the website. Mr. Dirlam stated not at the moment, but they will make sure the articles are available on the website in the future.

Allegany County Equestrian Trail System
Committee Chair Root asked Mr. Dirlam to highlight the recent meeting he attended regarding the expansion and improvement of the County’s equestrian trail system. Mr. Dirlam stated there is a group of individuals who are interested in expanding the offerings of our equestrian trials as there currently is a limited trail system. Mr. Dirlam noted that it is in the beginning stages of discussion, and their first goal is to improve the functioning of our current trails. Legislator Dibble stated he has attended these meetings for several years, adding they are a well-organized group that he has a lot of respect for.
Invest Buffalo Niagara
Committee Chair Root asked how many requests we typically get from Invest Buffalo Niagara. Mr. Dirlam stated on average they receive a couple a week asking if the County has any buildings that match certain specifications they need. If we have something that meets their needs, they put it together and send the information back.
Allegany County Chamber of Commerce Contract
Mr. Dirlam requested a resolution approving the contract between Allegany County and the Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce to provide tourism promotional services in the amount of $80,000. This contract will commence January 1, 2019, and expire on December 31, 2019. Mr. Dirlam briefly went over minor changes to the contract noting that beginning in 2019, the County will pay the Chamber of Commerce directly instead of paying directly to Ms. Hanchett. Legislator Harris stated in the past there were disbursements made in addition to the $80,000 and asked if that will no longer happen. Mr. Dirlam stated, yes, those disbursements will continue to happen, and they will be considered additional expenses per the contract. Legislator Hopkins asked if those expenses come from the County’s I Love NY matching funds, and Mr. Dirlam stated, yes. County Treasurer Terri Ross indicated that some additional expenses are paid from the I Love NY matching funds and some expenses are paid from discretionary funds. Legislator Graves asked if the County Attorney has reviewed and signed off on the contract, and Attorney Knapp stated, yes. This request was approved on a motion made by Legislator Healy, seconded by Legislator Curran, and carried. Prepare Resolution

Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gretchen Hanchett attended the meeting and submitted her monthly report to the committee for review.
Turnpike Road
Ms. Hanchett stated that they have added Turnpike Road to their historic brochure as a site, and the location has also been added to the map.
New York’s Travel Expert
Ms. Hanchett stated that Josiah Brown will be at the Crossroads on Wednesday, December 12, at 12:00 p.m. to present on his observations and analysis from his destination visits.
Three Chamber Christmas Event
Ms. Hanchett stated the Three Chamber Christmas Event will be held on Tuesday, December 4, at Off Duty in Belmont, NY, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Monthly Report
Legislator Hopkins asked for an update on the tourism packages, nothing that they continue to see the same thing month after month with no update. Ms. Hanchett stated at this time there is no update as they have had their hands full with the website transfer and training programs; however, they will be developing them through the winter months. Legislator Hopkins suggested Ms. Hanchett indicate that on the report or remove it altogether.
Employment and Training Director Reita Sobeck-Lynch attended the meeting and submitted her monthly report to the committee for review.
Unemployment Rate
Ms. Lynch distributed an unemployment rate fact sheet for New York State noting they continue to work with the Department of Labor Regional Economist to come up with a way to find out how many people enter employment in a month.
Ms. Lynch stated that her office received an award for the second time for the work they do with our veterans. Committee Chair Root congratulated Ms. Lynch and her staff and thanked them for their hard work.
There being no further business to come before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:53 p.m. following a motion by Legislator Healy, seconded by Legislator Dibble, and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Meghan Washer, Confidential Secretary to Clerk of the Board

Allegany County Board of Legislators